Youth Hope Ranch

The Vision

Whispered Dreams Youth Hope Ranch is the evolution of a dream I’ve had since childhood, a dream God has placed in my heart to create a place where troubled youth can find answers, directions, purpose and dreams realized.  Whispered Dreams Youth Hope Ranch has an open door invitation to any youth looking for hope and a place to turn their lives around who are willing to put in the effort and hard work involved in the process.

Whispered Dreams refers to the hopes and dreams we have as children and youth that get crushed and buried beneath the onslaught of life’s circumstances.  The hopes and dreams that we give up on because nobody believes in them or us.  The foundational dream and hope we all have of being somebody, understanding our purpose for being, mattering, and being worth someone’s love.

Mission Statement

At Whispered Dreams Youth Hope Ranch it will be our hearts goal to introduce Jesus to these youth as the healer of destroyed lives and the fulfiller of dreams.  We use the dynamics of ranch life, working with horses, as well as the dynamics of the wilderness surrounding the ranch as teaching tools to aid in helping the youth learn valuable life lessons and insights into their lives and behaviors.  

Jesus is presented as the relationship with their Creator God they were created for should they choose.  Using these same dynamics, the Holy Spirit’s leading, and biblical principles, we hope to “tear down, root up” those things that are destroying lives and “plant, build up and nurture” those things that will lead the youth down the path of a better life.


Owner/Operator – Jeff Lewis

Jeff has been involved with horses most of his life and has been a youth counselor in various positions for over 20 years.  He has spent most of his life in the north country in remote communities.  Jeff has a passion for his walk with Jesus, youth, horses, canoeing, wild places and adventure.  When he can combine any combination of these he is in his element.  Jeff’s desire is to see youth’s lives changed with a renewed passion for life, hope and purpose.  His favorite quote is “Life!  Live the adventure!”


The ranch operates with the help of volunteers both local and from all over the world.  Volunteers are screened and chosen for their enthusiasm, work ethic, horse knowledge and experience working with youth.  They have become a vital part of the ranch enabling it to operate far more efficiently and smoothly.  With volunteers coming from countries from all over the world there is a unique opportunity for youth to experience cross cultural awareness as well as share their own.