Nothing stirs the imagination like wild horses.  They have captured our hearts and imaginations in movies like Flicka and old westerns as well as documentaries.  They are a symbol of the west that was wild and free.  In the United States there are laws protecting them and sanctuary’s set aside for them.  They are considered a national treasure.

What is little known is that here in Canada we have pockets of our own wild horses in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.  Primarily only known by locals they have of recent come into the media spotlight more as people recognize their historical significance and look for ways to protect and sustain them.

At Whispered Dreams Ranch we have three Alberta “wildie” crosses.  They are proving to be very surefooted, sensible mounts with a natural instinct for danger that other horses might take more time in sensing.  They are very intelligent animals always aware of their surroundings and quick to learn.  If you would like to learn more about the mustangs in Canada here is a couple links to check out