Self Esteem Horse Adventure Program

Length – 4 Days

This program begins on Friday and ends on a Monday but can be booked for other days where requested.  Participants arrive on the afternoon of the first day and leave at noon on the fourth day.  The entire weekend is geared towards developing self esteem and confidence in the participants through interaction with horses, activities and sharing circles.

Ya Ha Tinda Leadership Program

Length – 12 Days

This is a 12 day (including travel days) intensive trip in Ya Ha Tinda Ranch Park in the Canadian Rockies.  It involves one on one and group work.  We focus on the character qualities that create good leaders but topics discussed cover a wide range of issues such as depression, suicide and addictions.  Life skill development is also worked on.  This program can be used for youth deemed at risk or with leadership potential.  It is very beneficial in giving the participants a chance to evaluate where they are at or headed in their life and set new goals.  There is a screening process involved with this trip as it is very intensive and requires a lot from the youth.

Private Bookings

We are available for equine assisted counseling/learning private bookings of 2 hour sessions on a weekly or bimonthly basis.  Sessions can be tailored to the individual’s or groups needs.

Emergency Placement Home

Length – 21 Days

This Life Skills Program is offered to families, communities or child/youth care organizations who have a designated youth deemed “at risk or “in-crisis”.  We contract with the individuals involved to provide 24/7 supervision and one on one mentoring as well as providing the participant with applicable life skills.  There is an application process for this program.